When to go to the Maldives and weather

When to go to the Maldives and weather

Reblogging this for future reference. It is one of my goals to visit Maldives. ♥

Sparkling Maldives

Low Season (May–Nov)

Storms and rain more likely, but weather warm and guest houses at their cheapest. Prices rise in August for European summer holidays. Marine life is more varied on the western side of atolls at this time.

Shoulder (Mar–Apr)

Great weather continues until the end of April, when temperatures are at their hottest. The surf season begins in March and continues until October. Prices jump during Easter.

High Season (Dec–Feb)

The Maldives enjoys its best weather. Expect little rain, low humidity and blue skies. Christmas and New Year involve huge price hikes and often minimum stays of 5 days or more.

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